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We believe that each repair is unique. That’s why we will never charge a flat fee. Each quote is proportional to the job at hand. It’s just right.

With 40 years of service, you can be sure that you can trust us with your kit, whether it’s your first one or one you’ve carried it for decades.


Whether you have a 50 year old film camera or a 5 day old digital camera, we will be glad to assist you as much as possible. Visit the shop today.

  • Excellent and very professional. I had my Canon 100-400 mm lens which had a stuck polarizer filter for a long time and had almost tried everything said in the internet. Had given it up too. They were able to remove the filter in no time without causing any damages to either my lens thread or to the filter. Excellent job.

    Prashanth B R
  • Long established knowledgeable folks who will tell it like it is. They won’t waste your time or money, and they do good work when needed. One of the most pleasant places to do business in the city.

    Will Roberts

Have a question? Contact us! We’d love to help you out.

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See what 40 years serving looks like…


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Who we are

David has 35 years experience in the servicing of film and digital photographic equipment.


Wesley has 7 years experience in both Canon and Pentax products.


some tips

tips on how to keep your camera working like a champ
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what makes it CLICK?

ever wondered how your camera or lens works?
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No it’s not a UFO

tell tale signs it’s time to have your camera sensor cleaned
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wonder how this was taken?

try infra-red photography

We have converted new Canon point and shoot cameras for infra-red photography!

This delicate process of removing the low pass filter and replacing it with a material that blocks out most visible light.

This allows you to capture images reflecting heat.

Look how tree leaves and grass appear to be white like snow!

A very different look from standard black and white or color photography.

These newly converted cameras will also have a three month warranty against manufacturing defects.

All for a very reasonable price.